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Let's make a positive impact : financial, societal, environmental.

We are determined to unleash the potential of tech businesses that need to run some extra miles to innovate and grow, and generate considerable and sustainable value along the way. We help companies maximize their growth on their local market and abroad, build market value and assets. We help management achieve results, cope with challenges and build new business drivers.

Corporate Social Responsibility helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage social change. We require our investments to have a positive environmental & societal impact in the community: being an employer of choice, encouraging both professional and personal development, enhancing relationships with clients, protecting privacy, fostering pro-environmental consciousness and practice.

Entrepreneurship runs through our veins. We understand what is at stake for entrepreneurs. Reaping the rewards of companies' hard work is certainly cause for celebration, but first team members should focus on sowing the seeds that will provide future rewards. If managers want to realize the gains of their hard work (reap), they need to first work to create that success (sow). It’s a cycle that is as true for business as it is for agriculture.

We are also strong believers that no success can be reached without a productive alignment between founders, managers and shareholders.

This is Redmill Capital. 

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